That’s good news … thanks!

    Another question on this topic. Do you folks develop applets for your Formativ users? We have development people that could possibly do this, but I wanna keep my options open.

    My questions is this … we want to rid ourselves of the “archiving after 30 days” feature in GroupWise. We want to go to Auto-Delete after 6 MONTHS (a scheduled nightly job on the POA). BUT, we’re looking at having a pop-up box come up when they open GW in the morning saying something like, “You have xx number of emails that are older than 6 months. Please action them or they will be deleted this evening.”

    Is something like this possible? If so, will it slow the GW client down? I’m presuming an applet can be developed to scan the client mailbox for items older than 6 months and display this message?

    Thanks again for your responses …

    David Schryer
    PSEP of Canada