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In regards to question (2) above, here’s some code that may help:

  dim oBook
  dim oEntry
  dim oMailAddress
  dim iEmailAddresses
  set oBook = groupwise.account.addressbooks.item("Test")
  ' Iterate through each Address Book Entry
  for each oEntry in oBook.AddressBookEntries
    iEmailAddresses = ""
    ' Iterate through each EMail Address object of the address book entry
    for each oMailAddress in oEntry.EMailAddresses
      iEmailAddresses = iEmailAddresses & oMailAddress.MailAddress & vbcrlf
    msgbox "Address Book entry: " & oEntry.displayname & vbcrlf & iEmailAddresses
  set oMailAddress = nothing
  set oEntry = nothing
  set oBook = nothing

This code uses native access to the Address books collection, as opposed to the wrapped collection. You need to pass it a book name.

I’ll post something regarding question (1) shortly.

I hope this helps.

Advansys Support