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Good Morning

Thank for you answer :

Server 2003 R2 + Novell Client 4.91SP3 + Groupwise 7.0 and formativ Studio v2.0.1
On workstation Win XP sp2 or W2K but not Novell Client installed with GroupWise 7.0.2 and Formativ Run-Time 2.0.1

But , actually working on server for created in Formativ Studio to created the Folder “Applets” who containt Applets. Then i install your tool Admintoolssetup” to have snap in formativ .
In Console One , i creat the object “AdavansysFvScriptLib” and add user who have right !.

For this test , i use novell client and the protocole Netware !.
In network , i see the objet created by console one “Applets” but when i launch Groupwise + Formativ Studio , i don’t see the objet created !!!.

Thank for your help.