Support 1a

Dear Kate,

Thank you for the sample applets. We could see two issues that would cause problems:

1) A raw RTF string was being assigned to the Msg.BodyText property. However, the .BodyText property interprets any string assigned to it literally. You need to use the Msg.BodyText.RTF property. (.RTF accepts an RTF string).

2) When an item is being composed, it does not yet exist in the message store. This means you cannot use the Object API to access it. Instead, you use the ‘token’ approach, where unfortunately the Msg.BodyText.RTF property is not available. The GroupWise.ComposingItem property actually gives you a ‘wrapped’ message object that differs from the one where you are able to use the Msg.BodyText.RTF approach. When dealing with composing messages, you need to use formatting commands to apply the appropriate text styles. For example:

    Call GroupWise.NewMail
    Call GroupWise.SwitchToRTFView
    ' -----   Set the subject --------    
    Call GroupWise.FocusSet(fcsSubject, "")
    Call GroupWise.TypeText("This is the new subject")
    ' ----- Set the message body --------
    Call GroupWise.FocusSet(fcsMessage, "")
    Call GroupWise.TypeText("This is plain")    
    ' Bold
    Call GroupWise.FontBold(True)    
    Call GroupWise.TypeText("bold")
    Call GroupWise.FontBold(FALSE)
    ' Italic
    Call GroupWise.FontItalic(True)    
    Call GroupWise.TypeText("italics")
    Call GroupWise.FontItalic(FALSE)    

We have updated your example applets accordingly and sent them to you via email.

Advansys Support