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Thanks for the feedback. By using the /r-<regcode> parameter in the AddOn.cfg file, it would have been possible to automatically register Formativ as the software was being installed. This command line parameter is a standard feature of the installation program (see the Distribution Kit documentation).

However, as the software is already installed, you can register it by running the installation program again and using the /ro-<regcode> command line parameter, for example,

formativruntime /ro-<regcode>

where <regcode> should be replaced by the Formativ Client registration key code.

This facility will register the software without installing any software and without user intervention. An icon with this command line could be distributed to the end user via ZENWorks or perhaps you could send an email to each user with a batch file attached, which would run a centrally accessible installation program with the appropriate /ro-<regcode> command line parameter.

As a side note, which may or may not be practical in your case, if your users have acccess to Formativ eDirectory Applet Libraries, you could temporarily make available a Formativ applet which would run the installation with the appropriate command line parameter.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Best regards,

Advansys Support