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As will most access to the GroupWise message store, you need to use the GroupWise Object API, which is exposed in Formativ via the GroupWise.Account object.

To save a DMS document to disk, you need to locate the appropriate DocumentReference object, access it’s Document property, then locate the appropriate DocumentVersion you wish to save. You then check out the document to phsically save it to disk, then check it back in again. (If you don’t check it back in the document will be unavailable to other users).

Here is some sample code that shows how this can be done given a DocumentReference object:

  private function GetDocument(aMsg)
    GetDocument = ""
    if aMsg is nothing then
      exit function
    end if
    on error resume next
    ' Exit, if the document is checked out.
    if aMsg.Document.CurrentVersion.CheckedOut then
      exit function
    end if
    ' Exit, if the document is inuse by another application.
    if aMsg.Document.CurrentVersion.InUse then
      exit function
    end if  
    dim iDocPath
    dim iDocumentName
    iDocumentName = replace(trim(aMsg.subject), ".", "")
    if iDocumentName = "" then
      iDocumentName = "Document"
      iDocumentName = GetLegalFileName(iDocumentName)
    end if
    iDocumentName = iDocumentName & "." & replace(aMsg.Document.CurrentVersion.OriginalFileType, ".", "")
    iDocPath = iWorkFolderName & iDocumentName
    call aMsg.Document.CurrentVersion.CheckIn(iDocPath, 0)
    GetDocument = iDocPath
  end function

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