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Thank you for your enquiry.

Unfortunately Message Saver does not support the kind of default folder you describe, ie. where the user is prompted to find a folder relative to that location before confirming the save.

Perhaps the following arrangement would be less onerous for your users:

  • Create a folder in GroupWise for each client. At an appropriate point, move received messages to the relevant client folder. (It may be possible to set up a GroupWise Rule to do this automatically.)
  • Use Message Saver in Configure mode to define a set of ‘save locations’. Each location would represent a User/Client/Email target folder that corresponds to a specific client folder in GroupWise.
  • When it is time to save messages for a given client, open the client folder in GroupWise and select all unsaved items, then start Message Saver.

I have added your request to our enhancements database for Message Saver for consideration in a future update of the solution.

Advansys Support