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Yes, this is possible using Novell NDS ActiveX controls. You can download these from Novell.

Here is a very simple example:

' Read Novell eDirectory Example
' Designed by: Formativ Business Solution Team
' Copyright (c) 2002 Advansys Corporation (www.advansyscorp.com)
' Version 1.0
' Description:
' This is an example of reading user phone numbers out of eDirectory using
' Formativ.  Before running the example, you must:
' 1) Download and install the Novell Controls for ActiveX from
'    www.developer.novell.com/ndk/ocx.htm
' 2) Edit line "oSession.Fullname =" below, inserting the full path of the tree
'    and context you wish to browse.
' 3) Be authenticated to eDirectory
' This is a very simple example with no error checking, etc.  It can be easily
' extended to use any of the features found in the Novell ActiveX controls, 
' including updating field values, etc.
' INTEGRATIONS: There are no integrations defined apart from appearing on the
'               Formativ Applet Run Menu.

Sub Main(Client, GWEvent)

  Dim oSession
  Dim ServerNames
  Dim Entries
  Dim Entry
  ' Create an instance of the NWDir COM object
  Set oSession = CreateObject("NWDirLib.NWDirCtrl.1")

  ' Specify the name of the tree "<tree name>" and context "<ou>" you wish to browse
  ' for example, oSession.FullName = "NDS:\<tree name><ou>...<ou> etc."
  oSession.FullName = "NDS:\<tree name><ou>"
  ' Display each user and their phone number
  Set Entries = oSession.Entries
  for each Entry in Entries
    if Entry.Layout.Name = "User" then
      PhoneField = Entry.GetFieldValue("Telephone Number", "", True)
      Call MsgBox("User: "& Entry.ShortName & "  Phone Number: " & PhoneField(0),,"Formativ")
    end if  
  Set oSession = nothing

End Sub

I hope this helps.

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