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Thank you for your questions above. Yes, both the approaches mentioned are technically feasible.

I’ve included some sample code below to help illustrate a couple of points. Firstly, you’ll find some code showing how to attach an existing message to a draft email message. This could possibly be modified to attach a document reference (which is just a message sub-type) to a message. Secondly, the code also shows how to attach a file to a composing message:

' Create and send a message to the current user.
sub AttachMessage(aID)
  dim oGWMessage
  dim oNewMessage
  on error resume next
  if (len(aID) = 0) then
    exit sub
  end if
  set oGWMessage = GroupWise.Account.GetMessage(aID)
  if oGWMessage is nothing then
    msgbox "No existing GroupWise message found to attach"
    exit sub
  end if
  ' Note: Adding existing messages as an attachment was previously broken. Novell fixed this in
  ' GroupWise 6.5.2.
  if (GroupWise.EnvVersionName >= "6.5.2") then
    Set oNewMessage = GroupWise.Account.workfolder.Messages.Add("GW.MESSAGE.MAIL")
    call oNewMessage.Attachments.Add(oGWMessage, "")
    set oNewMessage = oGWMessage.Forward
  end if

  call oNewMessage.Recipients.Add(GroupWise.Account.owner.emailaddress,,0)
  With oNewMessage
    .Subject = "With message attachment"
    .BodyText.PlainText = "This is the body"
  End With
  set oNewMessage = nothing
  set oGWMessage = nothing
end sub
' Create and send a message to the current user. Attach a file from the file system.
sub AttachFile()
  dim oFileDlg
  dim oGWMessage
  ' Initialize the file open dialog
  set oFileDlg = Utilities.NewOpenFileDialog
  with oFileDlg
    .Title = "File to attach"
    .InitialDir = Utilities.GetDataDirectory
    .DefaultExt = "*.txt"
    .Filter = "Text file(*.txt)|*.TXT"
  end with
  ' Exit if the user press cancel from the file open dialog
  if not oFileDlg.execute then
    msgbox "No file selected to attached."
    exit sub
  end if
  ' Create a mail message and set the recipient to the login user.
  Set oGWMessage = GroupWise.Account.workfolder.Messages.Add("GW.MESSAGE.MAIL")
  call oGWMessage.Recipients.Add(GroupWise.Account.owner.emailaddress,,0)
  With oGWMessage
    .Subject = "With file attachment"
    .BodyText.PlainText = "This is the body"
  End With
  ' Attach the file
  call oGWMessage.Attachments.Add(oFileDlg.FileName, fgwFile, "")
  msgbox ("Message sent with the following attachment: " & vbcrlf & oFileDlg.FileName)
  set oGWMessage = nothing
  set oFileDlg = nothing
end sub

I would probably recommend the second option – check the subject on send and prompt for input. (but there may be other factors I am unware of they make option 1 the more appropriate approach).

I hope this helps.

Advansys Support