The label/document type Avery L7164 not available in my MS Word 2003. If the label type “Avery L7164” exists in your MS Word (Microsoft Word (Tools – Letters and Mailings – Mail Merge) then you can perform the mail merge using any of the two following option.

Option 1: Create this kind of mail merge document
Choose a document type from the applet, once the merge document created then over-write the document type to “Avery L7164” using MS Word (Tools – Letters and Mailings – Mail Merge) then use MS Word merge to new document option to complete the merge.

Option 2: “Associate this mail merge document with the Address Book”
Set the existing mail merge document type to “Avery L7164” and select this option to merge into new document. Make sure the Merge to new document check box is checked.

Hope this helps
– MA


Originally posted by stephaniecartwright:
Thank-you for this, however, I have already tried both of these options.
They both merge straight onto an A4 page. Usually, when mail merging (from Excel to Word for instance) you have the option ‘label options’ to choose the label type, i.e. Avery L7164, this option is not present within the applet. Is there any way of achieving this using the applet, or would we need to arrange custom development for this?
Thank-you. Smile