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You can find documentation on the Query object here. Novell’s Object API reference also includes Filter Expressions.

The example applet in my earlier post limits the search to the Mailbox folder (see the Query.Locations property).

The folder object does not have a ‘sort by’ property. However you can create a Display Settings profile for this folder. On the main GroupWise menu: View | Display Settings > Edit/Create. Sort by date is among the many options available here. I think the administrator also can create a profile which can be shared by multiple users.

The following example applet applies the predefined profile ‘Test’ to the search folder ‘Unopened Items’.

const FOLDER_NAME_QUERY = "Unopened Items"
const SETTINGS_NAME = "Test"

' main-Line processing
Sub Main(Client, GWEvent)

  dim oFolder
  dim iSyntax
  dim iFolderPath

  set oFolder = GroupWise.Account.RootFolder.Folders.ItemByName(FOLDER_NAME_QUERY)

  ' Get the folder path
  call GetFolderPath(oFolder, iFolderPath)

  ' Remove the last '' delimiter from the path
  iFolderPath = RemoveTrailingDelimiter(iFolderPath)

  if iFolderPath = "" then
    exit sub
  end if

  ' Select the 'Unopened Items' folder
  call GroupWise.FolderSelect(iFolderPath)

  ' Change the folder settings
  iSyntax = "DisplaySettingsSetEx(""" & iFolderPath & """;""" & SETTINGS_NAME & """)"

  if GroupWise.ThrowToken(iSyntax, "") then
    msgbox("Display settings updated.")
  end if

  set oFolder = nothing

End Sub

function GetFolderPath(aFolder, aPath)

  dim iFolder

  if aFolder is nothing then
    exit function
  end if

  aPath = aFolder.name & "" & aPath
  if aFolder.ObjType <> fgwRoot then
    set iFolder = aFolder.ParentFolder
    call GetFolderPath(iFolder, aPath)
    set iFolder = nothing
  end if

end function

function RemoveTrailingDelimiter(aPath)

  aPath = trim(replace(aPath, "\", ""))

  dim iChar

  iChar = right(aPath, 1)
  if iChar = "" then
    aPath = mid(aPath, 1, len(aPath) -1)
  end if

  RemoveTrailingDelimiter = aPath

end function

I hope this helps.

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