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Q1) I assume that Formativ itself will only operate using Q: and not inadvertantly try and access applets or files on the user’s C: drive? (ignoring any specific calls I might write in my applets)

Formativ does not contain any hard coded references to C: drive. It determines the location of all files using calls to Windows API’s that return system-based locations, not drive letter based locations.


Q2) Is there some restriction that would stop Formativ reading the Registry?

Nothing in Formativ itself. However, Formativ is obliged to adhere to standard registry security restrictions just like any other application. These restrictions can vary based on your environment. It sounds like your users do not have appropriate access to the required registry hive on the server. If your objective is to determine the Windows oy system drive, I would suggest you use the PathShell() method. This method takes an integer representing the location you wish to determine, and returns a path. For example, you would pass it 37 to obtain the location of the WindowsSystem folder, or 36 to obtain the System folder. Search for ‘PathShell’ in the language guide for full details.


Q3) Also, are there any other considerations I need to be aware of when using Formativ under Citrix? We are only just starting out so I can adjust our plans accordingly

The only real issue you need to be aware of relates to the licencing mechanism being used. If you are using Formativ 1.6.x, ensure you are using the latest build available from the downloads page (earlier versions had issues running under Citrix). Version 2.0 is fine. I’ll email you some specific details regarding licencing under Citrix.


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