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    I have just started receiving this error on several of my users systems, I am unaware of what this poster is talking about on disabling the association or the registry fix you are talking about, can you provide me with the info I need to stop this error?


    Originally posted by Support 2:
    In Formativ versions prior to 2.0.1, the Formativ installer would disable the association between VBS/VBE files and the Windows Script Host. However, we changed that operation in 2.0.1 and it should not do that any more.

    As you know already, you can re-assign the association from the Formativ Windows Control Panel applet – press the ‘restore association’ button under the additional security section (and ensure the ‘disable association…’ option is unchecked).

    If this is not solving your problem, it would appear that the Registry entry controlling this setting is being rewritten by Citrix for some reason. Perhaps a master(?) Registry entry is not set correctly and is propagating when a Citrix user logs in?


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