Support 3

    It appear the issue is in the Stationery. Here are some suggestions:

    • Does the email looks OK in your “Sent Items” folder?
    • Can you reproduce the same behaviour with another Stationery or perhaps with a sample Stationery supplied with the solution?
    • Are you able to see the difference between the message created by the problem stationey and message without the stationery. May be you can view source of the two messages.
    • Make sure the Stationery not created using MS Word. We strongly recommend against using Microsoft Word as your HTML editor. When a Word document is saved as HTML, Word includes HTML codes which make the HTML file incompatible with a GroupWise HTML message. See the help for more information.
    • If you not running the latest GW client then you may consider to upgrade your GroupWise client to a latest version and try the solution.

    If the problem persists then email to support (support@advansyscorp.com) your Formativ Configuration Information and attach the stationery. Please also attach the problem message sent to Outlook.

    You can obtain the Formativ configuration by selecting Help | About Formativ… from the GroupWise main menu. When the About Formativ dialog appears, go to the Configuration tab and click the button Copy to clipboard. Then paste the text into your reply email (or save it to a plain-text file and include it as an attachment).

    Advansys Support