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      Reply to (in GW) currently reproduces the original message and defaults to adding comments above. Many other Email clients can automatically insert a ‘>’ character at the start of every line in the original message, thus allowing the comments to be inserted at the relevant place, but clearly distinguished from the original message. Subsequent ‘Reply to’s then add to this so as to produce a clear message thread.

      Is this possible to do with Formativ ?

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        I think you will find that the Internet Reply Formatter applet will suit your requirements. This applet is installed with Formativ Admin.

        Below is some info about the applet from our web site:

        The Internet style reply formatter applet lets you format email replies using the standard ‘>’ quoting system. For example, if you reply to a message and execute this applet, the original message text has any soft line breaks converted to hard line breaks are a configurable column, and the ‘>’ character is inserted at the start of each line as shown below:

        >Dear Sir,
        >Thank you very much for your email message.
        >We were very happy with your proposal and look
        >forward to hearing from you soon.

        Please let us know if this applet does not meet your needs.


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          Thanks for the reply. Looks like what we want. I will try the 30 day demo.

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            You are welcome.

            Advansys Support

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