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      I’m trying to evaluate the Formativ Message Saver Pack, and I’m running into trouble whenever I try to save a message. When I click on the toolbar icon, the Formativ window pops up and starts initializing, and then I get an error message:

      “Access violation at address 01C24518 in module ‘GWCMA1.DLL’. Read of address 0000000”

      I can’t save anything because of this. I’ve installed Formativ on 2 separate machines, and I have the same trouble on both. I’ve successfully accessed the configuration settings – it seems that only the save function is not working.

      Our IT department mostly runs out of Sydney, but there are a few of us in Melbourne. The guys in Sydney have managed to get this to run on several PCs, and the only difference that I’m aware of between us and them is that they’ve moved their post office and client mailboxes over to GW 6.5, and we’re still on 6.0, but all the Formativ documentation indicates that this should make no difference.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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        This enquiry is being handled by direct email.

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