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      Hi support !

      I’d finish an applet with we could scan a document and store it in GroupWise for Mail or Library
      It’s a mix Formativ & V.B.

      In final test phase, i’d noticed that it could be user friendly to put in toolbar the integrated button only if the VB applet was install.
      In other way, how to gray or remove a integration property by program not only by design ?

      For instance, a applet at GroupWise Launch test if VB Applet exist and gray the toolbar button if not.

      Thanks for your help!

      L.P. Irovetz
      Arcane GroupWare

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        Current version of Formativ do not allow to update the applet integration in runtime (i.e GroupWise start up, etc). We don’t know whether it is possible to update the integrations in runtime. I have added your request into our enhancement database and we will look into this issue in future release.

        Advansys Support

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