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      We bought the Formativ Enterprise Proxy and used your Outlook migration utility to import mails. We discovered, not only that imported plain text messages are stored as HTML mails, but also that when replying to those emails in Outlook XP (GW Connector), the mail can’t be sent out:

      When replying to a mail in HTML, the reply is also HTML/Richtext. When pressing send, the mail is transfered into the outbox, but stays there and is not transferred to the mail server. In the nickname file (.NK2) of Outlook the entry is set to type “Internet” instead of “SMTP” or “NGW” for other mails. OL can’t send out those messages with contact information stored as type “Internet”. This also applies to all new mails to this recipient, as long as the NK2 file has not been deleted.

      Reply to imported mail:
      s a l e s @ t e s t . c o m I n t e r n e t
      sales@TEST.COM NGW sales@TEST.COM

      Reply to new mail:
      t r a i n i n g @ t e s t . c o m S M T P
      training@TEST.COM NGW training@TEST.COM

      Important is also, when changing the reply type from Outlook Rich text to Plain Text before sending the mail, the mail is sent out properly, but no entry in the NK2 file is being made.

      Is there any reason you chose “Internet” as email-type in Outlook and not SMTP?

      Thank you for your help

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        This free solution was designed to import data from Outlook into GroupWise client (GW backend). We think it is possible to change the email-type from “Internet” to “SMTP”. This “Personal Outlook Migration” solution is open source, you can download the source from “forge.novell.com” and modifiy the code to your needs.

        Hope this helps.

        Advansys Support

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