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      Using Formativ 2.0 I created an out going email using a stationery. Then I inserted personalized email fields. This all worked. But when I press the Personized Emailer button to send, I get the message: Could not access the current messatge. Please refresh the view (F5) and try again.

      F5 does not help. How can I make the personalized email work with the stationery?

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        The message which asks you to press F5 is included because sometimes the underlying GroupWise APIs fail to access the currently open message’s ID. Usually pressing F5 successfully forces the GroupWise Client to obtain the necessary Message ID information from the Post Office. The problem is not related to Stationery.

        Unfortunately we do not have control over this GW API and it appears to be more of a problem in specific GroupWise environments. A continued problem, where the F5 key does not solve the issue (as you are experiencing), is rare. We need to gather more information to discover why it remains a problem within your environment.

        Are you able to save and close the draft message, reopen it from the Work In Progress folder and try again?

        To assist us troubleshoot the problem further, please send us the Formativ configuration information by selecting the GroupWise client’s Help menu, select About Formativ, select the Configuration tab and use the Copy to Clipboard button, then paste the config info into an email to support@REMOVE-THISadvansyscorp.com.


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