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      Hi ALL,

      I;m testing out the Outlook Migration utility.
      I’ver noticed that the calendar items in Outlook come across to GW as Posted Appointments. Is this working as designed or an error.

      Kind Regards

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        Thanks for your post.

        This is working as designed, except the mail/journal message the solution create the calendar items in GroupWise as posted message.

        One reason I can think of this behaviour is that, if we create the group calendar items in GroupWise then the user need to accept the calendar items. Example, if userA send an appointment to userB then userB need to accept the appointment.

        May be different technique can be use to work-around this issue. If you have the programming skill in-house then we can download the open source version and modify the applet. You can also contact our partner: http://www.advansyscorp.com/resellers_formativ.htm

        Advansys Support

        Support 3

          We have added this behaviour to our enhancement database for future R&D.

          Please note, all applets supplied to the Novell Cool Solutions Applet Central area are not supported by Novell or Advansys. However, we always try to update the solution (bug fix, enhancement, etc) when the resources becomes available.

          Advansys Support

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