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      Hi advansys team, Smile

      FctMail is a mail with a DocumentReference in attachment

      Here is a piece of code

      Set FctMail = Client.ClientState.SelectedMessages.Item(1) ‘These mail

      set FctPJ = FctMail.Attachments.item(1).message
      msgbox FctPJ.ClassName => We see “GW.MESSAGE.DOCUMENTREFERENCE” and it’s OK

      msgbox FctPJ.Document.Subject => Bug. Frown Incorrect argument in a call function (translate from french °=)

      Any ideas ?

      L.P. Irovetz
      Arcane GroupWare

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        We are unable to reproduce the same behaviour you described above. If we select a message with attached document reference, the code above return the subject of the document. Here are the steps we followed:

        • Select a document reference and forward as an attachment
        • Select the message with document reference attached
        • Run the sample code from message toolbar.

        If the document is corrupt then you may get the error to access the subject, can you try the sample code with different document reference. Please let us know if we missed any steps.

        Advansys Support


          perhaps it’s when i created the message that i did a mistake

          I’d write a message by the cleint with a document reference for attachement

          Here is part of propterty message
          >Fichiers Taille Date/Heure
          > MESSAGE 630 Lun 28 Août 2006 23:51:19
          > TEXT.htm 547
          > Référence aux documents
          > Copie statique deGroupWise Architecture Objet.pdf 344853 Lun 28 Août 2006 23:49:46

          but whith my code i get
          > MESSAGE 374 29/08/2006 00:24:27
          > Référence aux documents
          > GroupWise Architecture Objet.pdf 344853 310871 29/08/2006 00:22:46

          no static copie but the original ????

          Here is my code with it i create the message
          ‘ DocNew comme from
          ‘ set DocNew = LibTrouv.getdocument (DocNewNum)

          Set MailObj = GroupWise.Account.MailBox.Messages.Add(“GW.MESSAGE.MAIL.AGW.FCT”, fgwDraft)

          ‘ ——- Gestion des destinataires du scan ——-
          set MailObjRecipient = MailObj.Recipients.Add(Dlg_Rec,,0)

          ‘ ——- Les informations de base à stocker ——-
          MailObj.FromText = GroupWise.Account.Owner.DisplayName

          MailObj.subject = “Facture arrivée pour : ” & Gst_DosNum &” , “& Gst_DosNom

          MailObj.BodyText.PlainText = Mess

          ‘ ——- Les fields suplémentaires ——-
          call MailObj.Fields.add(“AGW_WF_ETP”,fgwNumeric,NF_Etp) ‘Numéro de fiche de l’étape d’arrivée
          call MailObj.Fields.add(“AGW_WF_JET”,fgwNumeric,NF_Jet) ‘Numéro de fiche du jeton de WF

          ‘ ——- La pièce jointe ——-
          Set PJDocRef = GroupWise.Account.Mailbox.Messages.Add(“GW.MESSAGE.DOCUMENTREFERENCE”, DocNew)
          Set MailObjAttachement = MailObj.Attachments.Add(PJDocRef)

          ‘ ——- Envoi du mail
          Set objNewMess = MailObj.Send

          Where am i wrong ?

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