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      We have a report that installing the runtime has broken the spell checker.

      The error is “Cannot load spell checker resource module”

      Has anyone else seen this issue?

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        What version of Windows do you see this on? Older versions of Window (95, NT and to a lesser extent, 98 and 98ME) have a very limited amount of a particular resource available. Depending on how GroupWise is configured, installing any third party add-on’s can cause this resource to become exhausted. This can manifest itself in the way you describe , i.e. an inability to load spell checking files. This is the only issue we are aware of where installing any third party add-in can cause the spell checker not to load.

        If this is the case, you can usually work around the problem by removing unused components that are wasting the resource in question (for example, the ‘Tip of the Day’ feature in GroupWise uses a relatively high number of resources).


        Advansys Support

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