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      I am looking for a way to use NDS published applets while detached from the network. I can use Local Applets, but I want to push out applets through the NDS function.

      I looked through all the documentation, but I do not see any reference.


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      Support 1a

        Do you mean you wish to be able to push applets out to users who are disconnected from the network, or do you want GroupWise Remote users to be able to access eDirectory applets?

        GroupWise Remote users are able to access to eDirectory applets stored in the local cache while disconnected from the network, assuming a) they have at some point connected to the network in order to receive the applets, and b), there eDirectory configuration allows them to operate in Remote Mode. From the Administrators Guide in the section discussing the Configuration object:

        “Update applet cache on client startup

        In Formativ 1.0 this setting was called ‘Reload shared applets on GroupWise client startup’. When this option is enabled, the user’s subscribed eDirectory Formativ applet libraries are always accessed on client startup to ensure that the Formativ workstation’s local applet cache, located under the c:program filesadvansysformativmirror folder, is always up to date. This procedure ensures that the Formativ user is always running the latest applet version stored in eDirectory. The update process varies according to the ‘Enable intelligent applet caching’ setting (see below). To maintain a local, fast access eDirectory applet ‘mirror’, this setting should be enabled for most environments.

        Enable intelligent applet caching

        In Formativ 1.0, this setting was called ‘Enabled when using GroupWise Remote’. In Formativ 1.5, the operation of this feature has been enhanced to work in conjunction with the ‘Update applet cache on client startup’, which must be enabled for the intelligent caching option to work. As in Formativ 1.0, enabling this option prevents the local workstation applet cache from being cleared when you exit the GroupWise client. Intelligent applet caching, introduced in Formativ 1.5, works by the Formativ client interrogating a Formativ library applet UTC ‘timestamp’, which is set when the applet is published to eDirectory by Formativ Admin 1.5 or Formativ Developer 1.5 (you must extend the schema using the Formativ 1.5 Schema Wizard to use this feature). This means that an applet will only be downloaded from eDirectory if the applet stored in the local workstation cache has a timestamp which is older than the library applet’s timestamp. The result is minimum traffic over the network and fast GroupWise client startup, without sacrificing the benefits of centralized distribution and management via eDirectory. If you wish to use eDirectory Formativ applet libraries with GroupWise Remote, the ‘Enable intelligent applet caching’ option must be enabled.”

        If you want remote users to receive eDirectory applets, but these users rarely connect to the network using the Netware Client, your only option is to use LDAP. Using LDAP, users can access Formativ libraries without the need for a fulltime network connection. See the Administrators Guide for more information.

        I hope this helps. If I have missed the point of your question, please let me know.

        Advansys Support


          OK, I went through all my settings and the Applets do not show up when I go into GW Remote. I did a little investigation. Here is what I found:

          1. I went to the Formativ Config obejct int the tree. It is set for Update Applets on Startup and Enable Intelligent Caching as you suggest.

          2. I went the the control panel on the laptop and set the same things. I have posted my local setting below.

          3. I opened up GW and the applets copied down to the mirror directory under a GUID-named sub-directory. Everything works fine.

          4. I restart my machine a pull the network cable.

          5. I use the netware client and login into the machine using “workstation only”.

          6. I open up explorer and look at the mirror/GUID named sub-directory. All the applets are there.

          7. I leave explorer open and start GW. As soon as the “Advansys” logo pops up in the GW splash screen, explorer reports that the GUIS-named sub-directory under mirror is no longer available — it is gone.

          What am I missing? It seems that if Formativ cannot see a tree (either NDS or LDAP) then is clears out the cache.

          Here is the setting on my laptop:

          Operating System:

          Windows 2000

          Internet Explorer


          Cache File System:


          Current User Configuration:

          Location of Files

          Data: C:Program FilesAdvansysFormativData
          Local applets: C:Program FilesAdvansysFormativLocal
          Encoded output: C:Program FilesAdvansysFormativEncoded
          Flexalock output: C:Program FilesAdvansysFormativFlexalock
          Applet Config: C:PROGRA~1ADVANSYSFORMATIVapplet_cfg
          Applet Help: C:PROGRA~1ADVANSYSFORMATIVapplet_hlp
          Applet Images: C:PROGRA~1ADVANSYSFORMATIVapplet_img
          Library Backup: C:Program FilesAdvansysFormativData

          Client Options

          Portal Folder Enabled: TRUE
          Portal Folder Deleted Last Session: FALSE
          Portal Folder Name: Formativ Portals
          Display Library Exceptions on startup: TRUE
          Library Exceptions Countdown: FALSE
          Redirect Associations: TRUE
          Menu Caption: A&pplets
          Mode: 223
          Formativ is enabled
          Applet creation is allowed
          Client integrations are enabled
          Formativ menu is enabled
          Favorites menu is enabled
          Applet recording is not allowed
          Enable intelligent applet caching
          Update applet cache on client startup
          eDirectory Administered: TRUE
          Current Line: 1
          Debug Mode: FALSE
          Exception Dialog: TRUE
          Include Groups in Discovery: TRUE
          List Width: 352
          Max Traversal: 10
          Window Height: 625
          Window Left: 266
          Window State: 0
          Window Top: 153
          Window Width: 874
          Word Limit: 1
          Word Limit Count: 2


          Order: 1
          Override: 0

          LDAP Settings

          Port: 389
          Port SSL: 636
          Default Port: 389
          Default Port SSL: 636
          Use SSL: FALSE
          Server Requires Logon: FALSE
          Attempt Authentication: TRUE

          Library Integration Exceptions:

          Formativ File Version Information:

          Advansys Formativ (VBSSAFE.EXE) 1.5 17/09/2002 09:06:40 pm
          Advansys Formativ Tray Interface (FORMATIV.EXE) 1.5 17/09/2002 09:06:24 pm
          Advansys Formativ Registration Utility (FRMRMG10.EXE) 1.5 17/09/2002 09:05:44 pm
          Advansys Formativ Runtime (FORMATIV.DLL) 1.5 08/10/2002 02:34:06 pm
          Advansys Formativ Control Panel Applet (FORMATIV.CPL) 1.5 17/09/2002 09:04:46 pm
          Advansys Formativ Command Blocker (TOKENBLOCKER.DLL) 1.5 17/09/2002 09:06:06 pm
          Advansys Formativ Portal Manager Resources (HTMLRES.DLL) 1.5 13/09/2002 03:00:04 pm
          Advansys Formativ Interface Loader (UILOAD.DLL) 1.5 13/09/2002 12:27:02 pm
          Advansys Formativ Resource Manager Loader (FIXLDR32.DLL) 1.5 13/09/2002 11:53:26 am
          Advansys Formativ Resource Manager for WIN32 (FIXTLS32.DLL) 1.5 13/09/2002 11:53:08 am
          Advansys Formativ Resource Manager for Windows 95/98 (FIXTLS9X.DLL) 1.5 13/09/2002 11:52:56 am
          Advansys Formativ Resource Manager for Windows NT (FIXTLSNT.DLL) 1.5 13/09/2002 11:52:38 am

          LDAP File Version Information:

          Novell LDAP C Library (LDAPSDK.DLL) 2.1.0 2.1.0 15/08/2001 05:01:46 pm
          Novell LDAP Extension APIs (LDAPX.DLL) 2.1.0 2.1.0 15/08/2001 05:04:10 pm
          Novell LDAP SSL Library (LDAPSSL.DLL) 2.1.0 2.1.0 15/08/2001 05:03:34 pm

          GroupWise File Version Information:

          Novell GroupWise 32-bit Windows Client (GRPWISE.EXE) 6.0.1 6.0.1 30/10/2001 03:18:16 am
          Novell GroupWise C3PO Manager (GWDT31.DLL) 6.0.1 6.0.1 31/10/2001 05:18:54 am
          Novell GroupWise 5 Address Book (ADDRBOOK.EXE) 29/10/2001 08:39:48 am
          Novell GroupWise 5 Address Book (GWABU1.DLL) 31/10/2001 05:18:50 am
          Novell GroupWise Object Library (GWCMA1.DLL) 6.0.1 6.0.1 31/10/2001 05:18:52 am
          GroupWise Win32 Client Import Module (GWIMPEXE.EXE) 5.5 1.0 25/10/2001 09:57:16 am
          GroupWise ‘Hit the Road’ setup (HTRSETUP.EXE) 1, 0, 0, 1 1, 0, 0, 1 25/10/2001 10:44:46 am
          GroupWise Attachments ActiveX Control Module (GWATT1.OCX) 1, 0, 0, 1 1, 0, 0, 1 31/10/2001 05:19:06 am
          GroupWise Notify (NOTIFY.EXE) 6.0.1 6.0.1 25/10/2001 10:05:08 am
          Novell GroupWise Admin API (GWCMB1.DLL) 6.0.1 6.0.1 31/10/2001 05:18:54 am

          GroupWise Interface Language:

          Language: US

          GroupWise Address Books:

          AB Modal From Toolbar: No
          Default Address Book: AB.4E6F76656C6C47576162703139393500.Novell GroupWise Address Book
          Delimiter Characters: ,;
          Display Name Format: L, F
          Name Search Mode: No

          Third Party Handlers

          DLL1 C:PROGRA~1ADVANSYSFORMATIVTokenBlocker.dll
          Advansys Formativ Command Blocker (TOKENBLOCKER.DLL) 1.5 17/09/2002 09:06:06 pm

          GroupWise C3PO Entries:



          Support 1a

            We will attempt to reproduce this. I reply will be posted here shortly.

            Advansys Support

            Support 1a

              I was able to reproduce this behavior. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

              I have posted a Formativ Runtime Field Test File (FTF) to the following location:

              Formativ Runtime Field Test File

              It would be greatly appreciated if you could download this file and copy it over your existing version. (You will find the existing file in C:Program FilesAdvansysFormativ). Start GroupWise connected to your network to ensure the cache is updated. Disconnect as per your earlier test and see if the cache is maintained.

              We look forward to hearing the results of your test. Once again, thankyou for bringing this issue to our attention.

              Advansys Support


                I loaded the Formativ Field Test file and it solved the problem. Thanks.

                One question, how do I include this fix in the setup file? Is it going to be released as a self-extracting install like the formativruntime.exe?

                Also, does this version fix the GW notify issue?


                Support 1a

                  Thank you for your feedback. This update will be rolled into the main installation program very shortly, and should be available to download in a week or so. The update will include the fix to the notify startup issue. Keep an eye on the Formativ support page.

                  Advansys Support

                  Support 1a

                    This has been fixed in Formativ 1.5.8, available from the downloads page.

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