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      How do I get the <TO> <CC> <BC> return values from the address book dialog?

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        Groupwise.DisplayAddressBook() is a wrapper of the GroupWise ActiveX* Address Book Control. GroupWise® Controls for ActiveX* contains two address book controls: Name Completion Control and the Address Book Control.

        Unfortunately, the Address Book control does not have any properties/methods which lets you to decide the target type (i.e. TO, CC or BC) of the address selected. However, it can return the total entries of a specified target type. For example:

        msgbox "Target Type All: " & MainDlg.gwAB.TargetType(0)
        msgbox "Target Type TO: " & MainDlg.gwAB.TargetType(1)
        msgbox "Target Type CC: " & MainDlg.gwAB.TargetType(2)

        To access the available properties of the control, you need to use the Formativ Form Designer to drop the Address Book control (GroupWise tab) to your form. You can also find the Properties and Methods of the control at:

        Hope this helps.

        Advansys Support

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