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      I’m trying to retract/resend an existing appointment but i’m having trouble figuring out how.
      At first I tried just creating a new appointment with the data from the previous one, firing Groupwise.Retract() before the new one was made, but it didn’t let me because it said the BoxType wasn’t egwOutgoing.
      I’m not entirely sure how to use Groupwise.Retract, as if i just right-click on the appointment in calendar and select ‘Resend’ it works just fine (and prompts to retract it). However I can’t do this in my code because of the egwOutgoing problem.

      Then I gave up on that idea and let the user click ‘Resend’ and bound my applet to the ‘OnResend’ event instead of ‘OnOpen’, in order to utilize the groupwise compose item window. However, i’m using a HTML dialog as the input for the data, and when control returns to the applet (after the user has finished with the dialog), the Groupwise.ComposingItem doesn’t remain initialized properly as far as I can tell; I get a ‘Token Failed Execution’ error.

      So now i’m stumped, any help would much appreciated =D

      Thanks in advance,

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        Sorry for the delay.

        ComposingItem is a Formativ wrapper around draft message. Draft message is the composing message which is not sent/saved. Its lets the developer to easily access the draft message properties. In GroupWise, you can access the message properties using the Token API, Object API and SOAP API (GroupWise 7 onwards).

        If the message view is open then you can access the message properties using then Token API: http://developer.novell.com/documentation/gwtoken/index.html?gwtokens/data/hj8ej8g5.html. You can use the Formativ wrapper to the Token API or use the ThrowToken to call the native API. See the example below with two approach:

        Formativ wrapper:

        ThrowToken method to call the native API:
        msgbox groupwise.throwtoken(“AddressBookDlg()”, iRetunVal)

        Hope this helps.

        Advansys Support

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