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      Is there a way to use formativ to navigate thru archive folders for multiple users? using something like a ‘super user’ or trusted application?

      I need to create mime compliant copies of all archived email for all users.


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        If you have GroupWise 6.5, you could write a simple applet that uses the Trusted Application API to access every message in your GroupWise message store. Of course, it only works with GroupWise 6.5. We don’t have an ‘off the shelf’ applet that does this, but it would probably be trivial to write. We have an example applet available that shows how to write Trusted Application applets and search the message store – let me know if you’d like a copy.

        If you don’t have GroupWise 6.5, this becomes more impractical. You either need to know every users password, or all users need to grant proxy rights to a central account. (The latter can be automated using an applet). As you probably appreciate, getting access to all passwords, or granting global proxy access is very nearly impossible in many organizations.

        I hope this helps.

        Advansys Support


          Thanks for the quick reply!

          Unfortunately – #1 – its for a mixed (5.5EP, 6.0, etc.) environment and #2 – we won’t be accessing the message store – but rather we will only have access to the GW archive folders for each user… some (users) of which may not exist anymore. These are archives that have been stored on tape for the past couple of years – and now need to be converted to a new archive system.

          Thanks again.

          Support 1a

            Thank you for the additional information. Unfortunately Formativ doesn’t currently have the ability to access native GroupWise archives, so for the time being at least I don’t think we are able to assist.

            Good luck.

            Advansys Support

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