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      Hi all. Newbie here. We recently started using the Multiple Signature solution with GW 6.5.4. I would like to know if it’s possible to set a standard signature that all users would use with their appropiate names and contact info. What I’m trying to avoid is hundreds of individual signatures with different logos, colors, formatting, etc. Any help?

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        You can include SmartFields at strategic places inside signature, stationery or template text. On loading the text, every SmartField will be replaced automatically by the actual system field value. For every GroupWise user there are corresponding fields which are stored in a system resource like the Address Book, eDirectory/NDS or the GroupWise Account. Some example fields are “Title”, “Last Name” and “Fax Number”.

        You should be able to manage signatures for all users by placing the signatures into a shared location and change the applet location of signature files (click ‘Settings’ from the Main dialog – General tab – change path to the shared path).

        See the Multiple Signatures help for more information about the SmartFields. Hope this helps.

        Advansys Support

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