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    Troubleshooting Export Problems

    The most common problems during archive creation are likely to arise from problems within the target GroupWise account. As such, where possible, the very first step prior to archive creation should be a full health check of the mailbox, primarily by running GWCheck with the appropriate options.

    It is recommended that Creator log files are checked and that any error messages which appear during the export process are documented.

    Use the Latest GroupWise Client Version

    Archive To Go is installed on the workstation with the GroupWise Windows client and no software is installed on the GroupWise server. This allows Archive To Go to be installed and deployed quickly and easily, without interrupting server operations or requiring complex system configuration.

    For optimal operation of Archive To Go, the most recent GroupWise client compatible with your GroupWise server version should be installed. This can be accomplished easily by downloading and installing the latest client release and/or hot patch from Novell’s Web site, you may find the Novell Patch Finder useful for obtaining the latest version. While a later client version update can often work with earlier point releases of the server agents, double-check that there are no prerequisites associated with the latest client version you download, such as it being a security update requiring a version update first be applied to the server agents.

    GroupWise related export issues can often be resolved by simply updating the GroupWise Windows client to the latest version without the need to update the GroupWise server software to the same patch level.

    For example, if your organization is running GroupWise 7.0.2 on the server, it is strongly recommended you run the latest GroupWise 7 Windows client, such as 7.0.3 Hot Patch 5, on the workstation where Archive To Go is installed.

    If there is a problem with a specific release of the GroupWise client software, in which a GroupWise API that Archive To Go uses may have been broken, sometimes you can resolve the issue by choosing another version point release, such as 8.0.1 instead of 8.0.0, or in an attempt to troubleshoot an issue, even by falling back to a previous client release, such as 7.0.3 HP5 (generally the previous version GroupWise client will work with a newer version of the GroupWise server agent software).

    Isolating Export Problems

    If you find that the archive process stalls or displays a GroupWise error on a particular message or folder being exported, try the following suggestions to work-around or resolve the problem.

    Archive the problem message to a GroupWise personal (native) archive

    If you have isolated the message by reviewing the logs, try using the native GroupWise archive option to place the potential “problem message” into a GroupWise archive for temporary storage. Run the archive process again.

    Create a new folder and move potential problem messages

    Part of the GroupWise data store may become corrupted. Experience has shown that moving potential problem messages from one folder to a newly created folder can force a rewrite of the data store, which may rectify the access problem. After moving the messages from the ‘problem’ folder, you may need to delete it.

    Folders which contain more than 5,000 messages

    If you are having problems exporting folders which contain a very large number of messages, try splitting the folder into new folders which contain less than 5000 messages each.

    Use folder filtering

    If you know which folder is causing the problem and need to find a quick resolution, if the folder is not critical to your needs, use the Archive To Go folder filtering feature, which enables selective folder export (see Folder Options).

    Incoming Shared Folders

    Should you choose the Include items in incoming shared folders option, the extraction of these incoming shared items (folders which have been shared with the account) can be slower than the account’s standard folders, particularly when the option Include message property information is selected.

    As the mechanism to extract data from incoming shared folders is different to other folders, should you experience problems with message export, check the log to see if it is an incoming shared folder. If so, deselect the option Include items in incoming shared folders and try running the archive process again.

    GroupWise Agents on a Linux Server

    For Enterprise Access to operate correctly, Archive To Go Creator needs read/write access the primary GroupWise domain path.

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