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      Am Brand New to Formativ. Looks pretty cool. Have pushed out Formativ Client to all users via the GroupWise Addon Feature. All Worked Great!

      HOWEVER. I see that all the Formativ Clients are in 30 day trial mode. I have the correct registration license key, but do I now have to walk to hundreds of desktops and type the license key in?? I bought Formativ primarily to help users that can’t do for themselves.

      Surely there is a way to push out the license key to all the desktops? Registry entry? Push a Dat file??

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        Thanks for the feedback. By using the /r-<regcode> parameter in the AddOn.cfg file, it would have been possible to automatically register Formativ as the software was being installed. This command line parameter is a standard feature of the installation program (see the Distribution Kit documentation).

        However, as the software is already installed, you can register it by running the installation program again and using the /ro-<regcode> command line parameter, for example,

        formativruntime /ro-<regcode>

        where <regcode> should be replaced by the Formativ Client registration key code.

        This facility will register the software without installing any software and without user intervention. An icon with this command line could be distributed to the end user via ZENWorks or perhaps you could send an email to each user with a batch file attached, which would run a centrally accessible installation program with the appropriate /ro-<regcode> command line parameter.

        As a side note, which may or may not be practical in your case, if your users have acccess to Formativ eDirectory Applet Libraries, you could temporarily make available a Formativ applet which would run the installation with the appropriate command line parameter.

        Please let us know if you have any questions.

        Best regards,

        Advansys Support


          Thanks….found it. Just a suggestion. There is no verbage in your installation instructions about registering your software, just one little obscure line “/r-code” in the help file you just sent.

          After understanding that the client must be registered, I understand what this reference means. Might want to update your installation help files to have a paragraph that states what you posted on the web here.

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            Thanks very much for the suggestion and it is now clear how this oversight in the documentation can cause incovenience. We will ensure that this is addressed for the forthcoming Formativ release.

            Please let us know if you have any further problems or feedback.


            Advansys Support


              The silent installation incl. registration-key works great for runtime, but i´m also using Business Solutions Pack for Formativ 1.5. I installed it silent with /s /r-key and the Runtime were correctly registered, but not the Business Solutions Pack. Is there also a parameter to register Business Solutions Pack automatically at installation?

              Gerrit 🙂

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                Yes. Have a look at the /rs and /rso switches in the ‘Windows Installer’ topic in the Formativ Distribution Kit documentation.

                Advansys Support

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                  Please see below some sample Command Line Switches. All command line switches are case-insensitive. Please see the Formativ Registration Utility Guide or Formativ Users Guide for more information.


                  Silent Mode

                  Run the installation in the background without any user interface or prompts. This is useful for configuring unattended installations. If used, this switch must be the first switch to appear on the command line.

                  Installing Using a Configuration File
                  /i-<file name>

                  Specifies the configuration file to be used during the installation. A configuration file is a text file containing settings to be used during installation. The configuration file must be placed in the same folder location as the Formativ setup file being executed.

                  Register Formativ During Installation
                  /r-<Registration Code>

                  Registers Formativ automatically during the installation. For the registration to be successful you must provide the registration code exactly as supplied. You can obtain a registration code from your Formativ reseller or Advansys.

                  Register Formativ and Exit
                  /ro-<Registration Code>

                  Registers Formativ but does not install Formativ itself. Formativ must already be installed on the workstation for this switch to have any effect. For the registration to be successful you must provide the registration code exactly as supplied. You can obtain a registration code from your Formativ reseller or Advansys.

                  Unregister Formativ

                  Unregisters a previously registered version of Formativ. If this switch is used, all others are ignored. Using this switch will NOT provide another 30 day trial period.

                  Advansys Support

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