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    Moderator updates for Archive To Go Indexer and Viewer

    During the last 6 months we have beta tested new versions of Indexer and Viewer and these are now available for customers using Archive To Go Creator (current version).

    Below is a brief list of the changes:


    – Updated for GroupWise 8 compatibility.
    – Optimized handling of very large attachments.
    – Optimized handling of temporary files to avoid process conflicts.
    – Fixed error ‘Deflated stream ends early’.
    – Additional error logging and statistics.
    – Logs detailed information about the indexing process.


    – Optimized opening/saving of very large attachments.
    – Updated manual.

    Download Location

    http://www.advansyscorp.com/download/a2goindexer-1504.zip (174 KB)
    http://www.advansyscorp.com/download/a2goview-1504.zip (984 KB)
    http://www.advansyscorp.com/download/archive2go-viewer-manual-1504.zip (541 KB)

    Updating an Archive To Go installation

    Installing into the Archive To Go program folder

    These updated files currently require manual installation. Simply unzip the downloaded files to your Archive To Go installation folder, usually:

    C:Program FilesAdvansysArchive To Go

    This will replace existing files of the same names. When you create any new archive, the updated Indexer, Viewer and user manual will be copied into that archive.

    You can run ‘a2goindexer.exe’ or ‘a2goview.exe’ directly from the installation folder, then choose a suitable archive to index/view.

    Installing into an existing Archive To Go Archive

    If you need to update an existing archive, simply copy these files to the ‘_viewer’ folder in the archive. Note that for a very large archive there may be multiple volumes; each volume, eg. ‘media-01’, ‘media-02’, etc. will require its own copy of these files. To index (or re-index) an existing archive, run ‘a2goindexer.exe’ and select the archive’s top-level folder (choose the first volume).

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    What is the road map for the product?

    Support 2

    Currently we are focused on getting the 2.0 release shipped. While we have long list of enhancements in our product development system, the roadmap beyond 2.0 will be influenced by post-release customer feedback and how the next versions of GroupWise evolve.

    Your recent feedback regarding the need for creating archives from search results is helpful for prioritizing features. Is there other functionality which is high on your list of needs?

    If you prefer, we can continue the discussion via direct email, support@advansyscorp.com.

    Kind Regards,

    Advansys Support

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