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    I’m running Formative Admin on winXP and GW 55e and I’m having some trouble with Stationary sometimes the html background goes out without the image files attached (Letterhead looks odd without the logo) and for some reason when I send and example email to someone else on the same PO the message seems to take a long time to be delivered (I have been waiting almost an hour for the last test message to go through, but regular ‘non stationary’ messages have passed up this one to the same user) Any ideas? (I will be upgrading to GW 6 soon and the formative add on was supposed to be joining the upgrade for the whole company)

    Thank You

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    Support 2

    Unfortunately we don’t know of any technical reason why this problem would occur. We can only think that it is related to the environment in which GroupWise is operating. To help us gain a further insight, could you please let us know the following:

    1) What version of MS Internet Explorer are you using?

    2) Send us your Formativ configuration information by selecting the GroupWise client’s Help menu, select About Formativ, select the Configuration tab and use the Copy to Clipboard button, then paste the config info into an email to us at support@advansyscorp.com or post it to the forum.

    It is very unlikely to be related to Formativ because our stationery solution leverages the inherent HTML support in GroupWise. Formativ and the applet do not modify the GroupWise HTML features.

    We are not aware of any other problems where a mail message is slow to be delivered when using HTML.

    As you may know, if you switch to Plain Text view mode while editing a HTML email, any HTML formatting will be lost.

    It may be worth you sending us the HTML file and images so we can simulate the operation here ( send to support@advansyscorp.com ).

    BTW, did you upgrade from GW 5.5 to GW 5.5 EP? If so, did you ever install the HTML C3PO for GW 5.5? We will also be able to check this from the Formativ configuration information.


    Advansys Support

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