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    I have the add sender to address book script installed under Groupwise 5.5. It shows up in the quick config menu (ie I can enable/disable or remove it) but it doesn’t show up under Run nor when I right click on a message.

    Groupwise is not connected to the tree but is reading data from Hit-The-Road files if this makes any difference.

    Am I missing something? As far as I can see it is the only script that is not showing up in this way!

    Many thanks for any suggestions.

    – Jamie

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    I believe you are referring to one of the example applets that is an optional install with Formativ Admin and Developer. None of the examples have there integrations enabled by default, which means no toolbar buttons, menu items, etc, will appear unless you turn them on.

    Open the Formativ IDE and select the appropriate applet. Go to the integrations tab, and uncheck the ‘Disable these integrations in GroupWise’ option. Exit the IDE and restart GroupWise. You should now see the appropriate toolbar buttons etc appearing.

    I hope this helps.

    Advansys Support

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