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      I am trying to import a CVS file that will be imported to a address book using : 23 Jul 2003 – CSV Address Book Importer. How should this CVS file be formated. Currently I have it setup on the first line is Fnam, Lname, Email and the second line contains the data for each field to be imported. But when I got to Import this with the applet, the Groupwise fields are not showing up.

      please feel free to contact me mdziko***i AT cranbrook.edu



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        Is there a fix for this? I am having the same problem.


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          We have tested the CSV Address Book Importer solution which appear to work fine with the following sample data.


          “Brian Smith”,Brian,Smith,brian_test@hotmail.com
          “John Bell”,John,Bell,john_test@hotmail.com

          Matching GroupWise field: Name, First Name, Last name, Email-Address

          NOTE: The CSV file needs to comply with the following standard:
          – Each field needs to be comma separated.
          – Each line (record) needs to be separated by a hard return. Note: a hard return should be used only to separate each line and not be included within field information.
          – Field need to be place with double quote if it contains space character (i.e. “Brian Smith”).

          After import, you may need to re-start the GroupWise client to refresh the Address Books.

          Hope this helps.

          Advansys Support

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