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    Shannon Clyde

      Is there a way to extract and export to a comma delimited file or .csv or other database file format, all of the email addresses from the From, To, CC, and BCC fields from all GroupWise mail stored on our GroupWise post offices? Can your tool do this or is it something that we would have to develop? Does something like this already exist?

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      Support 1a

        If you have GroupWise 6.5, you could write a simple applet that uses the Trusted Application API to access every message in your GroupWise message store. Of course, it only works with GroupWise 6.5. We don’t have an ‘off the shelf’ applet that does this, but it would probably be trivial to write. We have an example applet available that shows how to write Trusted Application applets and search the message store – let me know if you’d like a copy.

        If you don’t have GroupWise 6.5, this becomes more impractical. You either need to know every users password, or all users need to grant proxy rights to a central account. (The latter can be automated using an applet). As you probably appreciate, getting access to all passwords, or granting global proxy access is very nearly impossible in many organizations.

        I hope this helps.

        Advansys Support

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