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      Installation of Message Saver was successfull.
      .net Framework 1.1 is installed, Fomrativ Framework is installed and also the Message Saver.
      When we use the Button in GW-Client we get an error message:
      A component of the Formativ Framework for .NET could not be initialized:
      Advansys MessageSaver Component for .NET
      Please ensure that the Mi…
      We uninstalled all 3 components and reinstalled it, but same error.

      Enduser is VFU GmbH in Quickborn, Germany.

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        Thanks for reporting this problem.

        Please provide the following details:

        • The version of Advansys Message Saver Pack (open the Properties of the installer file and go to the Version tab).
        • The Windows version.
        • Is VFU using thin clients with Citrix or Windows Terminal Services?
        • Is the following key defined in the Windows Registry?


          If so, what are the values at Assembly and CodeBase?

        I look forward to your reply.

        Advansys Support



          – Version of Advansys Message Saver Pack:
          – The Windows version: MS-XP Prof. 2002 incl. Service Pack 3
          – thin clients? No, HP d530 USDT Workstation
          – HKEY_CLASSES_ROOTCLSID{E75C1463-2311-4C65-AE84-71B846B54BAF}InprocServer32: values?
          : Assembly: Advansys.Formativ.Windows.Client.Mailbox.MessageSaver, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=002863be66a8ed87
          : CodeBase: C:ProgrammeAdvansysFormativ Framework for .NETAdvansys.Formativ.Windows.Client.Mailbox.MessageSaver.dll
          (file exists in above named directory)


          USER VFU

          Support 1

            Thank you for the additional details.

            There is probably something about the computer environment that causes this problem:

            • Is the user running Windows as a limited user, ie. does the problem occur for an administrator on the same computer?
            • Does the problem occur on any other computer?
            • Are there any special security restrictions associated with the .NET Framework?

            We may need to send you a special ‘debug’ build of the solution to help identify the cause of the problem.

            Advansys Support


              Thank you for your help.

              We found a demaged Windows-Istallation. On a different computer with a new installation, we had no problems.


              USER VFU

              Support 1

                Thank you for letting us know.

                Could you describe how the Windows installation was damaged, please? This information may help us to resolve problems like this more speedily.

                Advansys Support

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