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      Sure someone must have had this problem, whether I load developer on NT 4 (sp6) or XP professional, everytime I run Groupwise (6) it opens up and then closes again immediately. Any help would be much appreciated,


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        We have certainly not heard of this problem previously. From the Windows Control Panel, you can access the Formativ Control Panel Applet. There is a configuration tab which will provide some details of the system configuration. Are you able to post this information or send it to support@advansyscorp.com.

        From your post, I presume that when you remove Formativ the problem is resolved?


        Advansys Support

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          We have been able to replicate the close-down problem immediately after GroupWise startup. Unfortunately it appears we introduced the problem in 1.5.6, which was primarily released to work-around an issue with GroupWise Notify.

          The problem appears to occur for first time users of Formativ 1.5.6 or users who do not already have a personal folder called ‘Formativ Portals’ in their GroupWise mailbox folder list. We are working on a resolution right now and it should be fixed very shortly.

          In the mean time, there are a couple of possible work-arounds:

          • Before installing Formativ 1.5.6, create a personal GroupWise folder called ‘Formativ Portals’. You should then be able to install and use Formativ without the closedown problem.
          • If you are experiencing the problem already, you can go to the Formativ Windows Control Panel applet and deselect the option entitled ‘Create a portal folder in GroupWise called:‘. You can then start the GroupWise client. Then if desired, perform the step above (create the folder manually). Then reenable the portal folder setting in the Formativ Windows Control Panel applet and restart the GroupWise client.

          We are working on this problem as a top priority. Thank you for your patience.


          Advansys Support.

          Support 2

            We’ve just posted Formativ Admin, Developer and Runtime to our Formativ Download page, http://www.advansyscorp.com/formativ_download.htm . This resolves the GroupWise client shutdown problem, which was inadvertently introduced in the October 30 update,, which was released primarily to address the GroupWise Notify work-around.

   also includes a preliminary fix for TPH DLL registry duplications, which can affect Formativ, and which are caused by another third party GroupWise product. will contain the full features of this registry fix and is due during the week starting November 4.

            We apologize for any incovenience caused by the introduction of this problem.


            Advansys Support

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