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    Is there a way to fix our existing Formativ applet that appends a disclaimer message so that it will place the disclaimer after a customer chosen signature? We would prefer to insert our disclaimer after the signature is inserted, or as the last thing that happens before our email is sent. Is this possible?


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    GroupWise automatically inserts the user signature after the message text but before the reply/forward marker, if any:

    ">>> "

    Notice that the marker ends in a space character.

    You can modify your applet to prefix the disclaimer with this marker. This should induce GroupWise to behave as desired.

    For an HTML-format disclaimer, you can hide the marker from normal view by enclosing it in a tag whose font color is white, or the font size is very small.

    Note: The behaviour described above applies to GroupWise 6.5x and below. You may need to test this strategy with GroupWise 7.x.

    I hope this helps you.

    Advansys Support

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