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    I want to experiment with my own HTML forms. Using the Language and Programming guides, and not being a programmer, I got very confused on creating an HTML dialog. Using the code example from “Creating HTML Dialogs”, I successfully created an applet that does nothing, but works well. When I add the HTML code to the line aDlg.HTMLCode = <supply HTML code here>
    I substituted some simple HTML..ie <html><body>test</body></html>
    and I get a syntax error at the start of the code. If I substitute a string , “test”, it works fine. If I put the entire html string in quotes, that seems to work also, but how do I pass more than one line of HTML at a time? I also tried creating an applet using the “Display existing data in an HTML dialog” and passing a local HTML file in (I thought)…again, the applet runs, but nothing inside.Just an embedded box, with a close and cancel at the top. As this is newbie stuff, if you can point me to an example of a working HTML applet/dialog, I would greatly appreciate it!

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    Support 1a

    Here is a very simple example of a HTML dialog. Create a new applet, then copy and paste this source code.

    Please let me know if you require any further information.

    Advansys Support

    ' Insert your comments here
    Sub Main(Client, GWEvent)
      Set aDlg = Utilities.NewHTMLDialog 
      aDlg.ToolbarVisible = FALSE
      aDlg.Caption = "HTML dialog" 
      aDlg.HTMLCode = "<HTML> " &_
                      "  <HEAD> " &_
                      "  <TITLE></TITLE> " &_
                      "  </HEAD> " &_
                      "  <BODY>" &_
                      "  <FORM METHOD=""POST""> " &_
                      "  <TABLE BORDER=""0"" WIDTH=""100%""> " &_
                      "    <TR> " &_
                      "    <TD> Dialog Heading</TD> " &_
                      "    </TR> " &_
                      "    <TR> " &_
                      "    <TD HEIGHT=""50pt""> Body text</TD> " &_
                      "    </TR> " &_
                      "    <TR> " &_
                      "    <TD ALIGN=""RIGHT""><INPUT TYPE=""SUBMIT"" NAME=""MRCANCEL""" &_
                      "    VALUE=""Cancel"">   <INPUT TYPE=""SUBMIT"" NAME=""MROK""" &_
                      "    VALUE=""OK""> </TD> " &_
                      "    </TR> " &_
                      "  </TABLE> </FORM> </BODY>" &_
    End Sub

    Thanks so much..I was on the right track but getting frustrated..as to my second question, can you pass an HTML page in a different loction to the dialog, using aDlg.HTMLCode = Utilities.LoadStringFromFile(Utilities.GetDataDirectory & “HTML Dialog.htm”)?Could not get that to work either and I thought that was the other part of what I was reading. Obviously makes it simpler, to design your form(s) etc, externally and then reference and use them from within the applet.
    Thanks again! Greg


    Found part of my error…the line aDlg.HTMLCode = Utilities.LoadStringFromFile(Utilities.GetDataDirectory & “c:/website/formativdlg.html”)works when I remove the Utilities.GetDataDirectory and reference my file only…aDlg.HTMLCode = Utilities.LoadStringFromFile(“c:/website/formativdlg.html”)
    That works well…again my lack of programming knowledge…I assume if the file was in the “C:Program FilesAdvansysFormativData” directory it would work…things are looking up!

    Support 2

    Good news. And yes, you’re right, the resultant path would be incorrect when adding the GetDataDirectory to the fully qualified path to your file.


    Advansys Support

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