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      I am testing Formative 1.5 for possible use on our network. We have GroupWise 6 SP1 on NW5.1 SP3. I have installed only the runtime version. A co-worker has done the same. We are both running Win2k SP2. We’re using the NW client 4.83.

      When I create an email, my name comes up with a lowercase ‘j’. Only the co-worker who also installed Formative sees it as lowercase – everyone else sees it with an uppercase J. She has sent me & others several appointments over the past week & 2 of them have come to me as emails, although everyone else has received them as appointments.


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        This is quite unusual. We certainly haven’t received any reports similiar to this one. I’m not sure how Formativ could be affecting your ‘From’ data when you compose an email message. Likewise, the other issue you describe is very unusal. No Formativ applets change the message class as you describe.

        I would suggest you manually move all your local applets (you’ll probably find them under ‘C:Program FilesAdvansysFormativLocal’) to another location, then restart GroupWise. This will stop Formativ from potentially running any applets on certain GroupWise events. Compose a new email message to see if you still get a lowercase ‘j’.

        If you still have the problem, try uninstalling Formativ runtime, and try again.

        I look forward to seeing the results of your testing.

        Thank you,

        Advansys Support

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