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      Archive To Go can appear to hang at the very end of the archive create process, even though the archive has been created successfully. This occurs when the parent folder of the archive’s output folder is read-only, generally because Archive To Go does not have the rights to write the log file summary.

      For example, while Archive To Go Creator may be able to create an archive folder C:johndoe Archive, it’s likely that on Windows 7, Creator will be unable to create the summary log file at the drive root, like C:archive 2009-12-22-17-03-41.log.

      You can work around this problem by choosing/creating an output folder which should always provide Write access, eg. My DocumentsMy Archives.

      Alternatively, you can run Archive To Go Creator as administrator. Right mouse button click on the Archive To Go Creator icon and choose Run as administrator.

      This issue is now in the enhancements list for Archive To Go Creator.

      Advansys Support

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