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      I have created an applet which has integrations and is triggered at the on send event of an email message. I have tested this and it works fine on my workstation. But when I gave the .vbf file to the system administrator for distribution to our clients the applet is never triggered. Do I have to take any steps before giving the applet for distribution?

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        No, there are no special steps you need to take. (I assume your Admin is distributing the applet via eDirectory in a Formativ applet Library).

        Here are some things to check:

        1) Do other applets that are distributed via eDirectory work OK? Is your applet being distributed in the same library as those that work?

        2) Does the applet work if you manually copy it to one of the workstations where eDirectory distribution seems to fail?

        3) Is the applet actually making it out to users workstations? Go to a users workstation that should have the applet and start GroupWise. From the main menu, select Help|About Formativ. On the about dialog that appears, select the configuration tab. You should be able to find your applet listed near the very end of the list. You might also want to email this configuration information to support@advansyscorp.com and we’ll take a look at the general configuration of Formativ on this machine.

        Kind regards,

        Advansys Support

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