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      Advansys is pleased to advise that the Advansys PST Creator 4.0 is now available from http://www.advansyscorp.com/pr…migrate/pst-creator/.

      Software Change Notice
      Product: Advansys PST Creator
      Product site: http://www.advansyscorp.com/pr…migrate/pst-creator/

      ====================================== RECENT VERSIONS ==================================+====

      Date: 30 November 2016

      New Version

      – Added support for the Outlook 2016 Client.
      – Support for the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the Outlook Client.
      – Check added to determine the version of Outlook installed.
      – Display additional Outlook and Advansys PST Creator information in the About Dialog and log file.
      – Separate Advansys PST Creator installers available for the Outlook 32-bit and 64-bit versions.
      * For Outlook 32-bit client: advansys-pst-creator-32-bit.msi
      * For Outlook 64-bit client: advansys-pst-creator-64-bit.msi
      * Advansys.PST.Check.exe utility checks the installed Outlook version and initiates the appropriate installer.
      – Added .NET version check in installer.

      ===================================== PREVIOUS VERSIONS =====================================

      Version: Beta
      Date: 14 August 2015

      Maintenance release (beta)

      – New code protection system used within software release process.

      Date: 18 June 2015

      New Features

      – New cloud based authenticated license system
      * Backward compatible with existing license files.
      * For Limited or Trial licenses, a warning prompt displays when unlicensed accounts are present prior to the export commencing.
      * An automated licensing file (*.alk), when present in the product installation folder or located in the same folder as the product installer, automatically licenses the product upon subsequent startup. Settings options can change *.alk behaviour, for example, to automatically delete the *.alk file once licensing is complete.
      * In addition to licensing by using the Archive To Go archive’s display name, an archive created by Archive To Go 3.0 can also be licensed using the Archive To Go archive’s GroupWise User ID or email address.

      – Added following settings option to modify behaviour (i.e. About dialog, Check for update, Install license), default value is TRUE.
      * EnableAboutDialog: Enable or disable About dialog.
      * EnableInstallLicense: Enable or disable install license option.
      * EnableCheckForUpdate: Enable or disable check for update option.

      – License Mode column is now always visible, previously only visible for a Limited license.

      – Open PST folder menu option and link on Conversion History page.

      – List items can now be sorted by clicking on the column headers.

      Fixes and Minor Enhancements

      – Updated summary log when a message is skipped. For example:
      Total files converted: 59 (804 found, 745 skipped by date range)

      – Included UI settings in the log file.

      – Bug fixes:
      * Warning flag was set to true when messages are skipped by using the date range feature.
      * Dynamic update of archives list mode based on license.
      * Open log menu entry under Tools, which is now enabled when a valid session is selected in the history view.

      Date: 16 September 2014

      New Features


      – Archive To Go output folder monitoring. When an Archive To Go archive export completes, this feature will automatically convert it to PST.
      – Added template support, which is the ability to save the current Wizard settings as a template prior to commencing a conversion. The template can be reused for future repeated conversions.
      – Using the Windows File Association: double-clicking a PST Creator template (extension .apc) from Windows File Explorer will automatically start the PST Creator and execute the template.
      – To start the PST Creator and execute a template: “C:Program Files (x86)AdvansysPST CreatorAdvansys.PST.Creator.exe” “C:[Your template path]local-test.apc”.
      – Template Command Line Parameter: If you don’t specify a fully qualified path, the PST Creator will attempt to find the template in the default Templates folder.

      Progress Reporting

      – New progress tab including a tree view which displays the account currently converting, accounts awaiting conversion and accounts completed.
      – New Conversion History tab for easy access to previous conversion session logs.
      – Details the folders processed for each converted account.
      – Quick visual feedback via an icon which indicates whether an account converted successfully or with an error or warning.
      – Optionally show or hide progress bars which display overall conversion progress (batch processing), current account progress and account folder progress. When the progress bars are hidden, the progress tree view will display the folder name being converted.
      – Added a stop button to enable user termination of the conversion process.


      – Updated colour coded and linkable user interface.
      – Added support for automatically including all archives under a parent folder.
      – GroupWise personal contact groups are imported into Outlook. Converted group members will not be linked to a contact in the user’s address book. As a result, if a personal address book contact details change, the equivalent group member contact will not be updated automatically.
      – Added the GroupWise message reply/forward state.
      – Outlook message display style used for recipient name and email address. The recipient display name will appear in the main message list view and name with email address will display in the quick view.
      – If the GroupWise personal subject is defined for a message, use it as the converted Outlook message subject and store the original subject in a User Defined Field (UDF).
      – Support for external attachments. Archive To Go 3.0 optionally lets you to save large attachments externally, PST Creator will import these external attachments.
      – Adjust column widths when form is resized.
      – Option to convert another archive during the same session (previously only able to convert, close and start again to convert another archive).
      – Logging information updated.
      * Shows export time, machine name, available memory
      * When multiple archives are converted, a short summary is included (export time, messages converted) at the end of each archive and a verbose summary is presented when all archives complete conversion.
      * Shows different message types (email, task etc) which are converted to Outlook.
      Emails converted: 360 (360 found)
      Contacts converted: 10 (10 found)
      – Use log4net for logging. A user can customise log settings by updating the “log4net-settings.xml” file, which is stored in program’s installation folder.

      Advanced Options

      – When exporting message metadata, optionally print metadata information when printing the message. Default set to not to print.
      – Convert GroupWise Note to Outlook Appointment (All day). The PST Creator appointment writer checks the GroupWise appointment start & end date and, if it is set for a 24 hour duration, it will convert to an Outlook ‘All Day’ appointment. This is a work-around for not exporting the GroupWise all day appointment property.
      – Option to append the GroupWise Note subject and start date to the converted Outlook Note body text (default value TRUE).
      – Option to use the GroupWise message modified date for the converted Outlook message’s reply or forward date (default value FALSE).
      – Option to automatically add the Outlook data file (*.pst) to the current user profile. If unchecked the PST file will be created but will not be added automatically to profile, which means it will not be visible in the user’s Outlook client. You can manually use the Outlook client’s File Add option to add the new PST file into the current user profile.

      Fixes and Minor Enhancements

      – Added support for GroupWise private message status, including appointments.
      – Fixed display of special characters in the converted Outlook message body text.
      – Suppress Outlook appointment reminder notifications prior to the conversion date-time.
      – Fixed Remove archive button behaviour.
      – If invalid characters are found in the archive (mailbox.xml), display an error prompt and then continue.
      – Fixed saving address book entries by forcing UTF8 encoding during the save process.
      – Fixed contact work phone number conversion.
      – If no matching contact fields are found in Outlook (Manager, User ID, Modified date, etc) then append them to the contact’s notes text.
      – Added INI file option to append additional contact field information to the contact body text (Default is TRUE).

      Date: 12 March 2013

      – New Advanced option for appending an Internet domain name to messages including addresses without a domain name. For example, a message which may contain an internal GroupWise email address, such as bsmith.po.domain.

      Date: 10 September 2012

      – GroupWise Calendar items will import into the appropriate Outlook folder.
      – Contacts, Calendar, Tasklist folder type changed.
      – Opened message icon will change from unread yellow message to opened white envelope.
      – Attachment(s) which failed to convert will be included as a text file (conversion-log.txt) and attached to the converted message.

      Date: 2 June 2011

      – Added support for Windows 7 64-bit.
      – Convert special contacts where the expected ‘name’ field not present.
      – Updated log format.

      Date: 9 February 2011

      – Added advanced option to control the export of message metadata (e.g. GroupWise message property text, custom fields) to Outlook User Defined fields.
      – Updated log format.

      Date: 31 May 2010

      – Advanced option to limit message recipients. Default value is checked and maximum recipients is set to 50. You can configure it by pressing ‘Advanced’ button in ‘Settings’ page. See the Users Guide for more information.
      – Log header shows the user-defined, advanced recipients settings and the maximum number defined.
      – Logs details (subject, path) for messages which exceed the recipients limit.
      – Log summary shows total messages exceeded user defined recipients limit.
      – Converts folders where the name format is “%Test”.
      – Browse button to select PST and log file locations.
      – Log shows full folder path.
      – About dialog shows additional license information.
      – For Limited licenses, the About dialog lists un-restricted accounts.
      – Installer updated. No longer required to uninstall a previous version from ‘Add or Remove Programs’.

      Date: 22 December 2009

      – Update to single license feature. Expanded validation technique used in identifying the target Archive To Go archive.

      Date: 17 July 2009

      – Update to trial version. When converting an Archive To Go archive which contains only a GroupWise personal archive, the trial version now uses the correct Archive To Go archive ID when the single license file request generator is used. This issue does not impact the fully licensed version.
      – Fixed conversion of Advansys Portable Message (FML files) created by early versions of Message Saver applet.

      Version: 1.0 (initial release)
      Date: 20 January 2009

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