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    We are using GW 8.0.1 hp1 and are able to use ArchiveToGo fine to export mailboxes using the Local option. We cannot get the Enterprise option to work. We select the primary domain folder and get the error: “eDirectory Tree could not be set.” We’ve tried this from 2 PCs and get the same results. Even from one PC that was able to work setting it up on our other GW system. Our license is supposed to cover 2 GW systems, but I’m wondering if it’s specific to the one it works on. I’ve checked the forums and can’t find anything more that will help. It seems to be a problem with our GW system and not the PC. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Thanks for reporting this problem.

    > Our license is supposed to cover 2 GW systems, but I’m wondering if it’s specific to the one it works on.

    Do you mean your GroupWise license or your Archive To Go license?

    It seems strange that you get this error with, which includes support for system discovery even when you have not authenticated to all Trees in your eDirectory system. This means system objects (eg. Post Offices, Users, Resources) from only the Trees to which you have authenticated will be listed.

    You may be able to resolve this problem by authenticating to all Trees in your system, but please review the following before trying this option.

    Do you have Read and Write permissions to the primary domain folder?

    What platform (eg. NetWare, Linux) is your GroupWise server running on? Please provide details of the platform and server versions.

    If your server platform is Linux, what is your setup for connectivity from a Windows client?

    Please send the post office discovery log, which you will find in a location similar to the one below:

    C:Documents and Settings[Windows User Name]Application DataAdvansysArchive To Go

    The file name is based on your GroupWise system name. For a system named ‘GWDEV’, the file name is ‘PO discovery (GWDEV).log’. There may also be an older version of this file, eg. ‘PO discovery (GWDEV)-backup.log’. Please send these files (zipped) to support@advansyscorp.com for us to review.

    We always recommend using the latest patch for the GroupWise client. For GroupWise 8.x it is 8.0.2 HP1; you may find the Novell Patch Finder useful for obtaining it.

    I look forward to your reply.

    Kind regards,
    Advansys Support

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