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      We are having problems with Groupwise 6.5 and are wondering if there have been any recent reports having to do with program crashes?

      GW will freeze randomly when typing names in the TO field, or shut down after a user tries to open a message in his Inbox. In these cases the Advansys Formative Applet icon disappears from the task bar.

      The only way to reload GW is to reboot the computer or logout and log back in.

      There has also been random occurences of the following error message when trying to open a message:

      Error File \pathFILENAME.VEW is not a view description file.

      If you can think of anything that might be causing these problems it would be very helpful.

      Thank you.

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        We haven’t seen any reports like this. The symptoms you report could be indicative of a lack of resources. (i.e. user interface elements such as toolbar buttons dissapearing sometimes mean you are low on some resource).

        Which version of Windows are you using? GroupWise is very resource hungry when it comes to certain windows resources. This can be compounded when used with a version of Windows that is resource-limited. The worst are Windows 95 and NT4.0, followed by Windows 98/ME.

        Advansys Support

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