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      On your website it states that Message Saver pack can save individual messages and entire folders…..i cannot save an entire folder.

      Also is it possible to create network folder links in Groupwise so i can simply drag and drop messages into the appropriate folder instead of having to click Message Saver and then select the folder each and every time? I get tons of email daily that need to be saved in different folders, but i would hate to waste time navigating to the proper folder for each message i have to save.

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        Thank you for your enquiry.

        I think save an entire folder can mean a couple of things. One, to save all messages in the selected folder and in all of its subfolders. Two, to save all messages in the selected folder only (regardless of whether the folder has subfolders).

        Option two describes Message Saver, which (in the current version) does not export the GroupWise folder structure. It’s very likely this feature will be included in the next major release of the Message Saver Pack.

        Do you find that selecting a folder does not lead to saving all of its messages, eg. only the first message is saved? If so, this is because GroupWise autoselects the first message in a folder when you change the folder. You will need to deselect the default message selection before starting Message Saver. To deselect, press the CTRL key while using the mouse to click the message.

        I am not sure what “network folder links” might be; as far as I know, this is not a feature of GroupWise. However, it’s possible that drag ‘n’ drop of the kind you describe could be included in the next major release. This is because the release will take advantage of powerful user interface features in Formativ 2.0. I will forward this idea to Engineering for consideration in the release.

        In the meantime, one workaround to the tedious folder navigating is as follows. Move your messages from the Mailbox to other GroupWise folders, eg. personal folders. Then at the end of a suitable period (day/week/etc.), save each folder with Message Saver.

        I hope this helps. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further comments or queries.

        Advansys Support

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          Thankyou for your reply. I tried what you suggested. After de-selecting the first item using CTRL key, i was able to save the entire folder.

          What i meant about “network folder link” was, a network mapped drive, like drive letter F is mapped to a FileServer on the local LAN, all files related to a specific project are saved to this mapped network drive F. What i am trying to acomplish is to save email into this mapped network drive. Currently it is not possible to make a local drive or a network mapped drive visible within GroupWise as if it were another ‘folder’ like personal folder or any other user defined groupwise folder.
          We are in the process of migrating to GroupWise from Exchange and Outlook. What we were able to do in Outlook was create a “folder link” which appeared as a folder but actually linked to a user defined folder on a mapped network drive. So when you dragged and dropped a message into this folder, it was actually being saved onto a network drive in its proper format without additional steps.
          I hope this explains what i am trying to say.

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            Thank you for the clarification.

            Unfortunately it is not possible for Message Saver to modify the GroupWise folder tree to include “folder links” of the kind you describe. GroupWise does not provide any means for customizing the client in this way.

            Nevertheless, it may be possible to build into Message Saver the capability to speed up/simplify saving messages to different disk folders on an ad-hoc basis. This would involve a user interface distinct from the GroupWise folder tree, and could work via drag ‘n’ drop as mentioned in my previous post.

            Are there any other Message Saver users who are interested in a feature like this?

            Advansys Support

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