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    I’d like to use Formativ to develop some custom features to Groupwise 6. Unfortunately, I noticed that the Novell Netware Client is listed as a requirement. We use the Microsoft Client for Netware on our Windows 2000 and Windows 98 workstations. I can install the Novell Netware Client on a single station for development, but rolling it out to my end users is not a viable option. Am I out of luck?

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    The current version of Formativ does require the NetWare client. However, a Formativ update, which is now in private beta, offers stand-alone, NetWare client or LDAP support.

    If you would like to beta test the new version of Formativ prior to the public beta, please let us know.

    The updated version of Formativ is scheduled to ship during early Summer.


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    Formativ 1.5 and above supports both NDAP and LDAP, and can also operate in a completely standalone mode, removing the need for the Netware client software to be installed.

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