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    We spent several days getting specific messages filtered out of live & archive GroupWise mailboxes and into a single Cabinet folder so that they could be transferred to Archive2Go for legal purposes. That all went fine but since that compilation we rec’d a list of messages that need to be redacted from the Archive2Go viewer. How is this accomplished without having to recompile everything in the live system and then re-export everything out to A2G again?

    If we can pull them out of the existing Archive2Go files, that would save us several days of recompiling.


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    Well, I found a workaround by going into the .media-01datadirectory and deleting the individual messages.

    I also needed to go into the .media-01_metadata0000003.xml file and delete the matching entries there to remove them from the list that is displayed by the A2G viewer.

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    Thanks for the question and including the reason you needed this feature. It’s great that you found the work-around, which is the way it needs to be done currently. We have noted the use-case and will consider adding a feature which would enable deletion of messages from the Archive To Go Viewer application.

    Kind Regards,

    Advansys Support

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