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    I am creatin an Holiday Rule applet. One of the fileds I would like on the Dialog Box is a forward to field. I would like this to either be like the To: field in an email where a user starts typing and the address appears in the field (alternatively have an addressbook button to click on and select the name) or have a drop down list with all addresses from the System Address Book.

    I have found some demo code to search through an Address book and display the names in a drop down box. This works for Personal Address books, however, when I use it on the System Address Book (750 entries) it hangs GW. The other problem with this is that it takes ages to load the Dialog panel as it searches the address book and populates the drop down box. The code I am using is below:

    Dim objAddressBooks
    Dim objAddressBook

    Set objAddressBooks = GroupWise.AddressBooks
    ‘ Locate the address book called “Novell Groupwise Address Book”

    Set objAddressBook = objAddressBooks.Item(“Novell GroupWise Address Book”)

    Set BookCtl = Dlg.AddComboBoxControl
    With BookCtl
    .Caption = “Select an address to forward the mail to”
    .Width = 300
    For Each objAddressBookEntry in objAddressBook
    End With

    The preference would be to have a field which links directly to the Address book and searches as the user types (similar to the To: field in emails)

    Any help is greatly appreciated


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    Thank you for your question above.

    Unfortunately, accessing every entry in the System Address book can be very slow given a sufficiently large number of entries. Other factors may also affect access times, including network infrastructure, loadings, etc.

    Address Book access can also become slower as more entries are read from the server. This can give the impression the process has hung.

    One thing you could try is to access the System Address Book using the native Object API approach. Instead of accessing GroupWise.AdressBooks, (which gives you a ‘wrapped’ address book collection), try GroupWise.Account.AddressBooks. This gives you access to the native Object API address book collection. Click here to see Novells AddressBooks collection documentation. Access from this point is much the same as your example code. As this collection is not wrapped, access may be faster.

    Formativ 1.6 does not natively support the AddressBook name completion control (the control that provides the functionality in the ‘To’ fields in the email view). However, the next version of Formativ does support the use of this control. Please send an email to support@advansyscorp.com if you would like more information in this regard.

    Advansys Support

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