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      Was trying to figure out SSL LDAP use of Formativ. We have Notebook users that have the NWClient installed, but also travel.

      1) The verbage implies that LDAP only works if a Netware Client is NOT installed.
      Is this true? We wish to use NDAP in the office and SSL LDAP remotely on the road or TDY.

      2) Trying to figure out how to set up LDAP. Couldn’t find anything in the documentation. Only found a switch in the Control Panel to turn it on or off.
      Found some interesting parameters in the Config.ini.


      ; Specifies default LDAP settings

      SSL Port=636
      Use SSL=1
      Server Requires Logon=1

      a) What is the proper format for Server ?
      host.com? or ldap://host.com? Something else?

      b) Certificate ? Is this a file name? A Path and File Name?
      Is this the file name of the File to copy and use in the installation
      for the certificate?
      Or is this the location and file name of where after the install is complete
      that you have to place a certificate to use?

      What is the Certificate format? RootCert.der? RootCert.cer? RootCert.p7b?

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        Thank you for your questions:

        1) LDAP can be used regardless of whether the Netware client is installed. Specify the protocol to use (NDAP or LDAP) in the Formativ Control Panel applet.

        2) This is an area that requires better documentation. The LDAP support in Formativ is LDAP 3 complient, and all parameters follow that standard.

        b) This depends on your server configuration. LDAP URLs provide a uniform method to access information on an LDAP server. Defined in RFC 2255, LDAP URLs begin with the prefix ldap:// or ldaps://. The following provides the syntax and descriptions of an LDAP URL.


        The lowest common denominator which works is the IP address of the server.

        c) Certificate is the full name and path of the certificate file on the local PC. You may specify either Base 64 (B64) or DER certificates. The certificate can reside anywhere, as long as the client has acess to it on startup.

        I hope this helps. Let me know if you require any further assistance.

        Advansys Support

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