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    I’m wondering if when I filter a Word/Phrase if it looks at the whole phrase, or individual words in the phrase.

    For Example: If I want to filter out subject lines containing

    “Lose Fat in Three Days”

    I’m hoping that it doesn’t delete any email with at least one of the words, like “Three”

    Also, if I filter “Lost Fat in Three Days” – will it filter anything with this whole phrase…and then some. For example, will it filter:

    “Lose Fat in Three Days ….. Order now”


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    Support 1a

    If you filter a phrase, the applet won’t exclude messages that contain only discrete words within the phrase – the entire phrase needs to exist.

    If you filter “Lose Fat in Three Days”, the applet will locate “Lose Fat in Three Days…order now”.

    The applet doesn’t actually delete any messages – they are moved to the Junk folder from where you can review the messages and take the appropriate information.

    Advansys Support

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